Ski Sun Valley Heli Ski

Since 1966 SVHS has been operating heli-sking in the Idaho backcountry.  With 750,000 acres of terrain throughout three mountain ranges there are many terrific ski options.  Sun Valley offers day heli-ski trips which makes this a great place to try out heli-skiing for the first time.  With the helicopter it is possible to access the deeper snowpack found in the Idaho backcountry (which can be three times as much as the high desert snowpack close to town!).  It is times like this that you want to be in a helicopter in your own private Idaho!  On weather days you can ride the legendary ski resort of Sun Valley which boasts the first ever ski lift in the USA (1936).  Chances are you won’t wait in many lift lines in Sun Valley and with more than 3000’ of consistent vertical.  The ski resort provides a great tune up for your heli-ski day.  When spring rolls around the corn snow skiing in Idaho is world class.  The higher elevation terrain opens up and the bigger mountains offer up to 4000 ft. long, steep corn runs.  The aviation in Sun Valley is as good as it gets with Reeder Flying Service operating and maintaining the helicopter.  Ace pilot Chris Templeton flies the bird and is one of the best mountain pilots you will ever fly with.

Sun Valley Heli-Ski: