Chile Powder South | Ski Greenland Powder

From June through September Pete journeys south with his guests to ski the Chilean Andes. The Andes are the longest continental mountain range in the world extending through seven countries. As our planet is getting warmer the snow line is getting higher and we are blessed that much of this range lies above 4000 meters. It is here in the high Andes we ski and ride the infamous Chile Powder, returning each day to sleep below the snow line in the quaint Lodge Andino. Lodge Andino is located in the Maipo valley on upwards of 100,000 acres of ranch land. Apr├Ęs ski activities include hiking or running, riding horses on the ranch, enjoying the hot tub and/or a massage all accompanied by a traditional pisco sour. You will be treated to an excellent dinner before returning to the cozy rooms with a wood burning fireplace. After our morning breakfast we step out in front of the lodge where the heli flies us to one of the many valleys to enjoy the long descents and spectacular scenery.