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By November 3, 2014 December 10th, 2014 Articles

Pete Patterson Heli skiing greenlandIn a 1980 article by Dick Dorworth, Dick writes about his injuries along with those of other Olympians:

“So that’s my story of injury.  Sports annals are filled with tales of athletes who have been crushed and confused by injury but still came back to athletic achievements of the highest standard.  Last year Phil Mahre won an Olympic medal on an ankle full of metal – an ankle that a man with a different attitude would not even ski on.  Pete Patterson placed fifth in the downhill in those same Olympics on legs that couldn’t support his body weight less than two years earlier.  Andy Mill was a world-class downhiller for several years on knees as fragile as glass and as moveable as roto-rooters.  Lea Soelkner, the Austrian racer, won a World Championship slalom title in 1978 skiing with a heel lift to compensate for a crippled leg.

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