2018 turned out to be a fantastic heli-ski and ski touring season in Greenland!  The storms kept driving in from the Davis straight and pounding the Southwest coast of Greenland and our arctic paradise. We were fortunate to have really fun ski groups from Canada, Europe, and US. Due to the amount of Polar Powder we received and good stability, we were able to access lines that we have never skied before. The steep couloirs were in great condition and added a huge element of excitement to our season. Here is a shot of one of the amazing couloirs we got to ski this spring: “Butt Crack Jack”.  If you look where the arrow is pointing, you will see our guide, Bozo Cardozo, about 1/3 the way down in this mind blowing massive coulee! Join us in 2019 for our 20th consecutive season skiing in Greenland!